"Your voice, burdened with mythology,
Nightingale of Virgil, of the Persians?
Perhaps I never heard you, yet my life
I bound to your life, inseparably.
A wandering spirit is your symbol
In a book of enigmas. El Marino
Named you the siren of the woods
And you sing through Juliet’s night
And in the intricate Latin pages
And from the pine-trees of that other,
Nightingale of Germany and Judea,
Heine, mocking, burning, mourning."
Jorge Luis Borges  (via typewriterjazz)

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'Prom' Esmerelda Seay Reynolds photographed by Kevin Reynolds for i-D 

we had to put all of the plants we got into one basket and it turned into a mess of leaves
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"She stays lost in the middle of her own world somewhere. We can’t get in and she doesn’t come out."
Malorie Blackman; Noughts and Crosses (via breathe-of-midwinter)

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i had a dream i was a princess and then i woke up and i still am

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