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A rare Fabergé enamel fan with jewelled two-colour gold mounts, workmaster Henrik Wigström, St Petersburg, 1903, the front guard of translucent pink enamel over moiré engine-turning applied with a rose-cut diamond-set flower trail hung from a laurel festoon, the back guard and sticks of mother-of-pearl with piqué pellets, the silk leaf painted with pink roses within gold paillon borders, the loop of chased leaves, the hinge terminals set with diamonds.
  • most people about ned stark: he was a kind and honorable man
  • lannisters about ned stark: what a goddamn loser
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Lady in Pink | by JackyParker


Victorian Hand Fan
"And the aura of you remains, remains, remains…"
"I do think she has lived a number of other lives in which she learned to look at things differently. She sees angles and light, she hears tones in voices, she watches stories unfolding when I’m not even aware a story is taking place."
Francesca Lia Block (via jedgica)

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A Swag of Pink Roses, Margaretha Roosenboom
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Portrait of sisters Malvina Ann Louise and Hilda Sophie Charlotte Reventlow in the forest, Detail.
by August Heinrich Schiott (1823-1895)

Darwin’s greenhouse, Kent / from the uk school trip three years ago, I just remembered this morning that I have these photos tucked away in my hard drive. so bummed I can’t find any from germany/austria or switz/italy, those were easily my favourite trips but these are still lovely
"The stars stand around me
Like gold eyes. I can no longer
Tell where I begin and leave off."
Kenneth Rexroth, from “The Heart of Herakles” (via litverve)

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uni starts in one week and i’m scared and excited at the same time and SO HAPPY because i know im gonna love my subjects, every single one of them and i’m gonna try to do my best !!!! ugh everything is so exciting right now, i hope everything works out xx

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Aster cordifolius (1763-1784) by Benedict Christian Vogel ( 18th century). From ‘Plantae Rariores.’
Image and text courtesy NYPL Digital Gallery.